Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA . 27th April – 13th June 2010

Centro cultural de España CCEBA
Buenos Aires

The show and seminar works as a platform of convergence between specialists from multiple disciplines, local and international, working in cultural research in relation to urban activities. It seeks to promote a dialogue on the postures that awakens the practice of urban interventions in Latin America. It seeks to analyze and enable consideration of these artistic modes as growing disciplines in cities of the world.

International guest artists: El Tono (France), Rodez, (Colombia), Sego (México), Agotok (Chile), Fuma Kaka (Peru), Juan Burgos (Uruguay), Vitche, Speto (Brasil), Pum-Pum, Triángulo Dorado, Doma, Nazza, Nerf, Bs. As. Stencial, Dardo Malatesta, Run Don’t Walk, Stencil Land, Ever, Jaz, Damita Dinamita (Argentina).

In collaboration with SUBEN.

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