Marseille, FRANCE . 15th September – 2nd November 2010

SEIZE Gallery
16 rue fontange 

Opening Wednesday September 15th from 7.00 till 10 pm
Exhibition runs from September 15th till November 2nd 2010

Surgeon of illustration, medical examiner of graphite or photographer of the flesh, Rene Almanza qualifiers are most wacky. Disembodied but still expressive, human beings find in the work of this Mexican illustrator the most direct forms to reveal their intrinsic nature. The artist’s personal prism, through which his eyes rest on our civilization, places his work at the crossroads of frightening science fiction and embarrassing empathy. Gasping and accurate.

Rene Almanza uses his pencil like a scalpel to discover his futuristic black and scary thoughts. Apostle of introspection bordering on therapy, he clarified his vision of the world to share with you on the walls of Seize Galerie from September 15th to October 16th.


After his solo show at RAS Gallery Barcelona, Rene Almanza ended his first European tour with an outstanding solo show at Seize Galerie in Marseille, France. More than 300 guests enjoyed a brand new drawings collection -specially produced for the show during Rene’s residence in Barcelona.

Rene Almanza and Suben team are very thankful for the great work done by Seize Galerie, and the nice welcoming of Marseilles’ art lovers. Rene Almanza made and outstanding collection of indian ink drawings on big size cotton papers produced while in Barcelona, accompanied by lithographs. Once again he shows us why he is becoming one of today’s references to the new Mexican art scene.

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