premier art solutions showroom

Premier Art Solutions has built within the showroom a self-contained gallery where are displayed various artworks and sculptures accompanied by beautiful supercars. The idea of the founder Bradley Keats was “To bring together a union of some of the most beautiful contemporary & urban artworks and luxury cars in the world.”

Clean, elegant lines and flowing features of the displayed cars can only be described as beautiful masterpieces, and so it was a natural progression to bring the art and the luxury cars together to explore their relationship. The brand Premier Sport Solutions is well known and respected because of its great efficiency and high standard to the client service. And so entering into collaborations with artists must be approached with the same care and thought as that applied to every new endeavor promoted by the company.

Suben Art Management carefully selected international artists that are close to the sensibility of the company and the ideology of a powerful and active attitude towards life.


Years of experience have won Premier Sport Solutions a reputation of an energetic and active place calling the attention of young, rich and famous individuals from all over UK, transforming it into a meeting point for like-minded individuals. Premier’s clients are mainly professional footballers. Their respective social media accounts represent their variety. Some are moderate in terms of followers and others literally run into the millions.

Respecting full artistic freedom and authenticity of the artwork, Premier Art Solutions is providing a high standard care for the selected pieces of art and suitable placement of the artwork, complementing promoted luxury cars.


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