Paris, FRANCE . 20th – 24th June 2018

Péniche Daphné. Pont au Double, next to Notre-Dame.  
Face nº11 quai Montebello, 75005 Paris

Wednesday 20th – 7 to 11 pm (Vernissage, RSVN only)
Thursday 21th – 10 am to 10 pm
Friday 22nd – 10 am to 10 pm
Saturday 23th – 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday 24th – 10 am to 12 pm

Following on his well received, non-conventional solo presentation in Venice last year, Pejac has decided to put up a small intimate showing in Paris this June. Determined to exhibit his works in surprising and authentic spaces, ‘Waterline’ was on view inside an old ‘péniche’ boat moored right next to Notre-Dame. Bringing his poignant imagery to another location which can hardly be described as an art venue, the artist created an enticing ambient that provided an unprecedented look inside his work process.

Custom built to fit the Belgian and French canal locks, ‘péniche’ steel freight carriers played an important role in building the country and creating the lifestyle France is known for today. With the last of them built in mid 70s, most of these vessels have been repurposed nowadays, but never to this extent. Challenging the traditional exhibition space and concept, ‘Waterline’ was showcasing carefully selected body of work just above water level, with evident focus being put on the line based works on paper. 

Matching the artist’s sentiment that is evoking times of hands-on approach to human activity and slower ‘progression’, this inland waterway barge provides an excellent backdrop for a series of studies and drawings that were on view from 20th until the 24th of June. Using the compact interior of the craft to his advantage, Pejac decided to put the focus on smaller scale studio drawings and sketches as the crucial element of his work practice. With most of them being starting point for large paintings, murals, and interventions, the exhibition was an exceptional opportunity to get a close and unmediated look at artist’s poetic vision of the world. 

The showcase included around 30 original works of paper, created in the past year or so, as he is preparing for his big US debut in NYC next year. Unlike Venice show that was a non-commercial, the works at the upcoming Paris exhibition will be available for purchase.


Marking the opening of his upcoming exhibition “Waterline” in Paris, Pejac released a new limited edition print for the occasion.

For this release, the artist picked the main image from his previous Venice show, a large charcoal drawing “A Forest”. Depicting a fantastical landscape dominated by the smog-covered industrial chimneys letting out thick, dark smoke, which then form a hilly landscape in the sky, the iconic drawing felt like a perfect fit for this particular show. Presenting the unjust and careless relationship between humans and nature, the piece is a great example of artist’s ability to compose beautiful poetic images while portraying a dark, disturbing reality. At the same time, it shows his extraordinary artistic skills and drawing technique, creating both soft, dreamy imagery while accenting the important details in great detail. 

The edition was produced through a manual, painstaking process conducted and closely overlooked by the artist, resulting in each copy taking up to 1hr of work to create. Involving 5 long and precise steps for each copy, the edition run of only 80 examples measuring 105 x 75 cm (41.33 x 29.52 inches) will be available for purchase. Produced on Vein 270grs paper using 1 color hand pulled photopolymer technique, each copy has an embossed stamp, comes signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity. 

The print was sold through a lottery system for which show visitors could purchase tickets in person only.  All the funds collected through lottery tickets were donated to the locally based environmental NGO Fondation GoodPlanet.

The aim of Fondation GoodPlanet is to raise public awareness on environmental issues and environmental protection, to bring ecology and humanism into people’s conscience and so to encourage a more respectful way of life towards the Earth and its inhabitants.


Earlier this year, between 20th-24th of June 2018 to be precise, Pejac hosted his 3rd self-produced international showcase, Waterline. After a successful solo exhibition in London and a special presentation in Venice, the artist chose Paris for the next destination to present previously unseen body of work. The response to the show was exceptional, with collectors and fans flying in from around the globe, including China, Japan, US, Russia and around Europe. The exhibition also marked the release of the artist’s 8th limited edition that was available through the charitable lottery system which helped to raise money to support the work of locally based environmental NGO Good Planet.

Proud of his French heritage the artist always dreamed of showcasing his art in the “city of lights”. During one of his recent visits to the French capital, he spotted this old “péniche” boat moored right next to the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral and fell in love with the idea of setting up an exhibition on such exquisite location. He decided to pay respect to these historic vessels that helped to build Paris into what we know today by repurposing the old inland waterway barge into an art venue.

Waterline wasn’t necessarily planned in long-term but was more of a spontaneous gesture by the artist. As he was working in his studio, preparing work for the upcoming US debut in NY, Pejac rediscovered some of his older concepts, sketches, and drawings, and felt like it was time to share those with the public for the 1st time. Usually quite reserved when it comes to revealing his process, he decided to provide us with a look at the most intimate and unmediated part of his work process exhibiting around 30 original works on paper.In addition to the large body of work that included a couple of early drawings as well as most recent large-size pieces that hold the high quality of his intricate canvas pieces, Pejac constructed 2 subtle yet striking sculptural and performance installations. One was a full-size realistic stone water well on the front of the boat, and another was a piano with tools scattered underneath, played by a pianist dressed up as a mechanic. Commenting on both environmental topics and social issue of clashes between classes, these 2 pieces provided a channel for recurring themes from the studio works to transcend into real life.

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