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Pejac: A Forest

Release date June 20th 2018

Marking the opening of his upcoming exhibition “Waterline” in Paris, Pejac will be releasing a new limited edition print for the occasion. 

For this release, the artist picked the main image from his previous Venice show, a large charcoal drawing “A Forest”. Depicting a fantastical landscape dominated by the smog-covered industrial chimneys letting out thick, dark smoke, which then form a hilly landscape in the sky, the iconic drawing felt like a perfect fit for this particular show. Presenting the unjust and careless relationship between humans and nature, the piece is a great example of artist’s ability to compose beautiful poetic images while portraying a dark, disturbing reality. At the same time, it shows his extraordinary artistic skills and drawing technique, creating both soft, dreamy imagery while accenting the important details in great detail.

The edition was produced through a manual, painstaking process conducted and closely overlooked by the artist, resulting in each copy taking up to 1hr of work to create. Involving 5 long and precise steps for each copy, the edition run of only 80 examples measuring 105 x 75 cm (41.33 x 29.52 inches) will be available for purchase. Produced on Vein 270grs paper using 1 color hand pulled photopolymer technique, each copy has an embossed stamp, comes signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity.


Edition of 80
105 x 75 cm
1 color hand pulled photopolymer
Velin 270grs
Embossed stamp, signed and numbered by the artistt
Includes Certificate of Authenticity


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