Barcelona, SPAIN . 17th May – 16th June 2012

RAS Gallery
Carrer Doctor Duo 10

Opening Thursday May 17th from 7.30 till 10 pm
Exhibition runs from May 17th till June 16th 2012

Jaz is Franco Fasoli, a respected artist that evolves like the ‘jazz’ his name evokes. From his pioneering past as the most prolific graffiti writer in Argentina, he’s mastered the art of spray-paint taking it to another level and incorporating other materials, such as tar, oil and soil on large scale murals.

For his first European solo show at Ras, produced by Suben and curated by Maximiliano Ruiz, Jaz has reduced the scale of his raw looking figures without compromising the massiveness of their shape and intriguing textures. In the whole body of work, the duality within one and the clash of forces is a constant, all reinforced by a subtle, yet highly attained technique. The show will comprise a broad selection of works on paper and some larger scale canvases.

His latest participation’s include: Art Basel Miami, G40 Richmond, Living Walls Atlanta, Latir Latino Lima, Open Walls Baltimore, Mamutt México City, Meeting of Styles Buenos Aires.

Suben team wants to thank the exhibition collaborators for their kind support:
Goorilo www.goorilo.com Moritz www.moritz.com Boca Nord www.bocanord.cat RAS Gallery www.rasbcn.com


Jaz’s first European solo show opens up in Ras Gallery on a cloudy eve, curated by Maximiliano Ruiz and produced by SUBEN.

Regardless of the weather, a sample of the local graffiti, art and skate fauna showed up to celebrate the event to the sip of a local brewery. An impressive hall wide mural piece presides the show on the back wall, with the cool colored silhouette of two facing animals, the depiction of Sagittarius constellation overlapping. A loose stroke, great sense of proportions and a designers color palette are appreciated in such mural, where the spray is transformed into texture.

The rest of show is comprised of 22 small works on paper and 4 bigger ones on canvas, most of which are made only with tar, a material used in coherence with the research and experimentation of JAZ.


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