WALLS & FRAMES London-Berlin Release Parties . Available Artworks

To celebrate the release of Walls and Frames, the artists featured in the book such as Anthony Lister, Conor Harrington, Dave Kinsey, Dran, Eine, Herakut, Meggs, Miss Van, Paul Insect, Shepard Fairey and many more, have created original handmade book sleeves for the publication.

Walls & Frames artists that have created original handmade book sleeves: AJ Fosik, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Amose, Andrew McAttee, Anthony Lister, Axel Void, Base 23, Ben Frost, Blek le Rat, Bom-K, Boris Hoppek, Boxi, C215, Cekis, Conor Harrington, Dan Witz, Daniel Muñoz aka San, Dave Kinsey, Der, Dixon, Doze Green, Dran, Duncan Jago aka Mr. Jago, Eine, Evan Roth, Evol, Faile, Faith 47, Fefe Talavera, Gaia, George Morton-Clark, Herakut, Jaybo, Jesse Hazelip, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Joram Roukes, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Josh Keyes, Judith Supine, Katrin Fridriks, Kevin Cyr, Lightgraff, Ludo, M-City, Mark Jenkins, Maya Hayuk, Meggs, Miss Bugs, Miss Van, Mr. Kern, Okuda, Patrick Evoke, Paul Insect, Pedro Matos, Peter Owen, Pure Evil, Remed, Remi/Roughe, Ripo, Ródez, Shepard Fairey, Smash 137, Sowat, Sten & Lex, Tec, Tilt, Vitché, Wendell McShine, Will Barras, and Zosen.

Mounted Sleeves Preview

WALLS & FRAMES Book Sleeves on-line available for international shipping:
- 70 x 26,5 cm each
- The sleeves are independent pieces, not added or glued to the books
- Click the images to check availability
- Price per sleeve: 500 Euros (Book copy and shipping costs not included)
- Send your requests to info@subenysuben.com

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