Barcelona, SPAIN . 9th September – 2nd October 2010

RAS Gallery
Carrer Doctor Dou 10

Opening Thursday September 9th from 7.30 till 10 pm
Exhibition runs from September 9th till October 2nd 2010

Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz

Like everything else that’s good in life, Graffiti kills. It’s the gas in the spray cans, the chemicals in the inks, the sleepless nights spent obsessing about new ideas and days wasted wandering the train tracks…

Working together for the first time in a Catalonian gallery, French graffiti writers Bomk, Dran and Sowat of the Da Mental Vaporz crew, are willing to share their last will with Europe’s Street Art Mecca. Hopefully, the show will be filled with their usual hyper realistic sexual beasts, disillusioned children’s’ drawings, vandalized sketches, dripping calligraphies, crossed out black and white pictures and whatever else they may have in store for us.


Bom-k was born in 1973 in the suburbs of Paris, in Vigneux sur Seine, Bomk discovered the graffiti at age 17 through the sacrosanct Bibles ‘Spray Can Art’ and ‘Subway Art’. Influenced by pioneers such as Mode 2, Alphabétik, La Force, Creator (rip) and many others, learned the grammar of graffiti on the walls, vacant lots and trains in his neighbourhood, where his New Yorker tags, bombs and fresh letters/characters multiplied.

In 1999, together with Iso founded the Da Mental Vaporz crew and started producing a more personal and intimate graffiti. Padded seclusion rooms, concrete bars nightmares, sinister-looking B.boys. The world that grows in his great wall is the image of his very world: raw, dirty, and unpleasant from the peripheries. Ever since he has had numerous exhibitions (Paris, Nantes, Saint Etienne …), published a book of his artwork featured ‘Blacktrace HB’ (Éditions Populaires) and creates statues, posters and banners.

Today, his work focuses on wide-screen Cinemascope canvases, which lays ‘Aérotiques’ creatures, hybrid sexual fantasies that seem pieces from Francis Bacon. If stared long enough, his works seem to breathe, to seek life and crawl into the viewer. And this is where your heart goes Boom. BooooooomK.


Dran is a French writer who lives and works in his workshop/studio in Toulouse, who has dedicated the last 10 years to express himself through images.“The best explanations are the very same images that I’ve never managed to illustrate with words”.Dran loves black humour, the irony of life, and the controversy … but never do evil for evil. In recent years, his work has been directed mainly to make fun of society and politics, but always in a very cynical way. His books published by Édition Populaire: Fabrique en France, Je t’aime, The Television and Ma Ville are great examples of this.

The other part of his work is much more fun and involves practice, recreation, intrusion and no rules, but always with a solid idea behind. Examples of this line of work can be found in the books Hors du Temps from Colors Zoo or in the Retroactif collection of Édition Populaire.The exhibitions of his works in galleries, endless participations in international festivals and his work on advertising campaigns make Dran a complete artist


Sowat was born and raised between Marseilles, France and Los Angeles, Sowat is a self-taught gutter artist who picked up his first spray can at the age of 15, hoping to impress his high school girlfriends. After spending years smearing the streets, back alleys and freeways of his hometown with his tags and throw ups, he started experimenting with the more artistic side of Graffiti around 2001, indulging in all the good stuff that legal ‘Street Art’ has to offer: workshops, commissioned walls, Jams around the globe (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…) and DIY exhibitions.

In 2003, he co-wrote with Lime the book ‘La France d’En Bas’ (Graffiti in the South of France). Searching for new ways to play with letters, Sowat then naturally turned himself towards calligraphy, trying to adapt the styles and techniques of this ancient art to the ruggedness of the wastelands and abandoned factories he usually paints in. Eventually, while joining the DMV crew in 2009, he started working on his latest and most exciting challenge: painting on canvas what the streets thought him during these last 15 years, whether it be through dripping tags, crooked letters or hand made Ascii…


The Da Mental Vaporz lied. It’s not drawing that can kill violently, but trying to travel from Paris to Barcelona right in the middle of one of France’s recurring strikes. Dodging one angry protestor and canceled flight after the other, Bom-k, Dran and Sowat somehow managed to make it to Spain just one day before the ‘Dibujar Mata Violente‘ show opening.

24 hours later, after filling up RAS Gallery, the three French artists were ready to greet a packed crowd of enthusiasts with dozens of weird drawings (double cunts, popes with hard-ons and dripping cum shots to name a few), canvases and a blasting mural showing a childlike cardboard monster getting his butt kicked by a pair of angry B.boys, surrounded by undecipherable calligraphies…

24 hours later and thanks to Suben’s diplomatic skills, the dynamic trio was lucky enough to be invited to visit Montana Wonka’s factory in Barcelona and paint an incredibly endless mural there in an unbelievably short period of time. And just like in the movie, during this 30 hours marathon, Sowat ate so much red paint, he drowned in it, Bom-k created a Wall-monster who ate him up while Dran decided to live forever with the Oompa-Loompa’s painted on the mural – Guess they didn’t lie after all…





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