CONQUISTADORES . Latin & Spanish Group Show

Berlin, GERMANY . 14th April – 10th May 2010

Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagener Strasse 38
10245 Berlin

Opening Thursday April 14th from 7pm till 10pm
Exhibition runs from Thursday April 14th till May 10th 2010

Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz

Conquistadores. A group show featuring over 30 Spanish and Latin American artists. Produced by Strychinin Gallery and Suben, curated by Maximiliano Ruiz. Featuring
among others: Basco Vazko, Herbert Baglione, Rene Almanza, Jazz, Gualicho, Fefe Talavera, Izolag, Vitche, Yuske, Rodez, Gabriel Moreno, San, Dixon and Saner.

Conquistadores is an overview of fresh contemporary talent from Spain and Latin America that is – at least metaphorically speaking –out to conquer the world. Globalization has affected both the Spanish and Latin American art scene. Recent art contributions from these countries seem to be nothing but a footnote in global art history books. Far from it! Both art cultures are more alive than ever!

During the opening we received over 400 visitors whom enjoyed an overview of today’s most original Latin and Spanish street artists.

Featuring: Aryz (Spain), Axel Void (Spain), Babui (Uruguay), Basco-Vazko (Chile), Dixon (Venezuela), Dulk (Spain), Escif (Spain), Fefe Talavera (Brazil) , Gabriel Moreno (Spain), Gualicho (Argentina) , Herbert Baglione (Brazil), Inti (Chile), Izolag (Brazil), Jazz (Argentina), Kafre (Spain), Laguna (Spain), Lesivo (Colombi), Limow (Spain), Mato (Chile), Medo (Brazil), Nave Mãe (Brazil), Nemer (Argentina), Neuzz (México), Pulpo (Argentina), Rene Almanza (México), Rodez (Colombi), San (Spain), Saner (México), Screw (México), Sego (México), Vitché (Brazil), Wesr (Peru), Yuske (Brazil).

About the show

Conquistadores show brought together for the very first time works by renowned Latin and Spanish urban artists. All were invited to create works based on their interpretations of the concept of conquest. The show featured a range of oils, acrylics, drawings and sculptures.


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