GRAFFITI ARGENTINA Book . Thames & Hudson


Edited by Maximilliano Ruiz
Published by Thames & Hudson, United Kingdom.

. 17.00 x 26.70 cm
. 152 pages
. Hard cover and paper back versions
. Over 500 color illustrations

About the Book

World release of the first book about Argentinean graffiti, made by the author Maximiliano Ruiz. Edited and distributed worldwide by Thames & Hudson (UK). Released in October 2008 in Europe and February 2009 in the USA and Canada.

Argentina’s young, fresh scene is a beacon of creativity to graffiti enthusiasts worldwide. This book tells the story of the Argentinian graffiti scene – one of the most original and vibrant in the world – from its first efflorescence in the 1990s and artists’ recent experiences, to the underground use of tags, train graffiti and political images, and the sketches and designs that have come off the street to influence the whole visual culture of this exciting country.

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